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Atlantis Rugs Rug Size Guide


Sizes of Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Indian rugs

handmade rugs are never consistent in their exact sizes, but that is what gives them their character and their uniqueness. Over the years, definitions have come out that try to collate rugs in groups that make for an easier sort. The definitions of these groups are given below. Please ensure that you measure the space that you are looking for before you start your search as this will help you get to the rugs that are available quicker. When you go through to a category we also give the ability to put in measurements of the space and we will deliver all the rugs that are within 30cm of the measurement that you enter in.


Use our approximate rug size finder

Many of you will start your search with size, so why not use our handy size finder below. Put in the width of the rug (in cm) and then the length of rug (in cm) that you are after and click 'Search'. The search will return all those rugs that match that size within 10cm.


Rug definitions for palace rugs, large rugs, medium rugs, and small rugs

We (and most other rug makers), define the broad rug sizes as follows:

  • Small rugs: 1ft and 6ft long or 30cm to 180cm
  • Medium rugs: 6ft to 9ft long or 180cm to 270cm
  • Large rugs: 9ft to 13ft long or 300cm to 400cm
  • Palace rugs:  All rugs over 13ft long or over 400cm
  • Runner rugs (long and thin): Those rugs that are medium or above but 2ft to 4ft wide, or 60cm to 120cm


Linking through to generic rug size definitions

Click on any of the sizes below to get to the group of rugs that is most relevant to you.



Linking through to different rug shapes

We currently only stock rectangular rugs and square rugs. If you are looking for a particular shape, then please click on either of the items below