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Atlantis Rugs Rug Feel Guide


Rug feel is important for Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Indian rugs

When you lie on a rug, it can bring great joy, warmth and comfort. This is not the only reason you might buy a rug, but when purchasing a rug we believe the way that it feels is an important part in making that decision. Additionally, you might have a particular room in mind, which means that the rug might need to be more durable or made of certain material. The feel of the rug is mainly driven by two things, the thickness of the carpet and the materials that are used to make the carpet. Generally, synthetic fibres will give you a more waxy feel than natural fibres, where the introduction of silk will add to the softness, and wool will add to the natural feel. Rugmakers will combine many of these aspects to deliver the final finish, so click on the items below to see the rugs that we have in each area and the items that are best suited to you.

Rug feel types: